Andrey Russo lives in Italy in the wonderful town of Sanremo at Liguria coast. Andrey is Russian, worked for many years in Moscow where organized his first exhibitions. As artist he was brought up within the traditions of great Russian painters of 19-th century – Brullov, Serov, Korovin, as well as 20-th century avantgard heritage of Kandinsky, Shagal, Rodchenko. 

Member of Circolo Artistico association (Italy).

Andrey works a lot in graphic design. For many years he run a famous Moscow-based AP advertising agency, known for its poster series and outdoor propaganda campaigns.

His drawings in black and white are expressive, line is strict, his manner varies within the concept of the moment. Master of digital design, Andrey is sure that Le Carbusier and Rene Gruau influenced his personal style in early years and are still important for him, both with Andy Warhol and Salvador Dalí.

His paintings impress. When showing spectacles instead of eyes Andrey opens the vague world of 3D personages where the usual ways of communication are impossible and talking is useless. Reflected in the polished surface of a piano cover the look turns upside down, faces lose passport facilities and are never coloured cellulose any more.

In search of new inspirations, Andrey spent several years in Africa, lived in Brazil, was seen in many European countries. Now together with his wife Svetlana he studies small towns of French and Italian Riviera he admires. His two sons are grown-up and are independent. 

Favourite hobby is book covers design. And fishing.

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